Milbrook Club- Insider's Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, CT

Insider’s Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, CT

Are you thinking of joining a country club in Greenwich, CT? We asked members of local country clubs to give us the inside scoop. Here is an insider’s guide to country clubs in Greenwich, CT.

Round Hill Club- Insider's Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, CT
Photo Credit: Round Hill Club

Round Hill Club

What the members are saying about Round Hill Club?

I love that RHC keeps membership on the small size. That way you really get to know the other members, and especially the ones your age. I also love the history of the club, including the fact that it is where George HW Bush met Barbara at a Christmas dance.” 

“I love that you can walk into the bar and end up having a long night out with other members.”

What’s available to members at Round Hill Club?

  • 18-hole Golf with driving range, practice putting green and practice chipping (the driving range becomes a shooting sports range in the winter)
  • Pool
  • Tennis (8 outdoor clay courts and 2 indoor courts)
  • Squash
  • 4 Paddle Tennis courts
  • Sporting Clays
  • Fitness Center
  • Massage Therapy
  • Youth Summer Camp for children ages 3 years old to 4th grade
  • Dining
  • Social Events

Does Round Hill Club offer trial memberships?

RHC offers summer memberships for those under 35 years old but you must be sponsored by a member.

Burning Tree Country Club

What the members are saying about Burning Tree Country Club?

“BTCC is probably the youngest club (in average age) around Greenwich.”

” Most of us members share the common goal which is to find a club that can accommodate the whole family, in a more relaxed environment. In addition to golf and tennis, BTCC has multiple junior programs such as the summer camp and youth academy, a plethora of social events throughout the year, and a dining facility that is open year-round (except for February) that offers a variety of dining options and entertainment.  The social committee plans over 20 events throughout the year, ranging from opening casino royal to summer parties to winter gala. It’s fun for everyone and we change the theme up yearly.”

Burning Tree Country Club Insider's Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, CT
Photo Credit: Burning Tree Country Club

What’s available to members at Burning Tree Country Club?

  • 18-hole Golf with a driving range and 2 putting greens
  • Tennis courts (5 outdoor Har-tru courts and 2 hard tennis courts). The hard courts go in the bubble during winter.
  • 3 Paddle Tennis Courts
  • Pool
  • Dining
  • Youth Summer Camp for children 4-9 years old and Youth academy for children ages 10-13 years old
  • Weekly Yoga Classes in the Ladies locker room
  • Social Events

Does Burning Tree Country Club offer trial memberships?

This year BTCC has a provisional program. Interested families can use the amenities of the club from Memorial Day through Labor Day for a fixed fee. The fee can be applied to your membership should you decide to join at the end of the trial.

Milbrook Club

What the members are saying about Milbrook Club?

“I like the family-friendly atmosphere (“children are seen and heard”).  They have lots of events aimed at kids (NYE for example).  Also, the staff is incredible, everyone is so nice.  Huge social engagement.”

“An oasis of calm in the middle of downtown Greenwich.”

“The best thing about Milbrook are the members!  I think Milbrook is comprised of some of the warmest, most friendly people in Greenwich.  The Club’s identity is very centered around being family-friendly.  They have a lot of social offerings and the community atmosphere of the Club is really special – it’s a great place to be with your friends.  That said, our members definitely have a competitive streak and are always up to challenge one another in a sport or other activity.  One of the most entertaining new events are the Shuffle Board Tournaments that the members started this past year.  It’s a great example of the friendly competitive environment that defines Milbrook.”

Milbrook Club- Insider's Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, CT
Photo Credit: Milbrook Club

“There are plenty of special events and parties offered throughout the year, for families, children, and adults, like wine tastings and dinners, the Holly Ball every December, family events like the Halloween party and St. Patrick’s Day party, and even cooking competitions among the members where we get to cook in Milbrook’s kitchen.”

“The Club offers summer camp, swim team, diving team, and water polo for youth.”

What amenities are available to members at Milbrook Club?

  • 9-hole Golf with practice putting green
  • 6 Har-tru clay Tennis courts
  • Paddle Tennis courts (newly renovated paddle hut)
  • Pool
  • Dining (Lakeview Room, Overlook Grill, The Patio, and Poolside Cafe)
  • Downstairs kids room with sitters on Friday and Sunday nights
  • Popular shuffleboard table
  • Youth summer camp for children ages 4-8 years old and Sports Camp for children 9-10 years old
  • Social Events

Does Milbrook Club offer trial memberships?

Milbrook does not offer trial memberships. They do offer Executive Memberships which are designed for expats here in the US for a short period of time, say 3-5 years.

Stanwich Club

What members are saying about Stanwich Club?

“Love the food. Sunday night buffet is vast and tasty. Summer meals on the patio are great.”

“The club is known for the amazing golf course.”

” I look forward to the 4th of July Family BBQ and fireworks!”

Stanwich Club- Insider's Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, CT
Photo Credit: Stanwich Club

What amenities are available to members at Stanwich Club?

  • 18-hole golf course with driving range and practice putting green (Rated #1 Golf Course in CT)
  • Tennis courts (bubble for tennis courts in the winter)
  • Paddle Tennis Courts and Paddle Hut
  • Heated Swimming Pool
  • 7 weeks Youth Summer camp for children ages 3-8 years old, Sports Camp for children 9-10 years old and Golf and Tennis Academy for 11-17 years old
  • Dining (bar room, club room, formal dining room, pool snack bar and patio in the summer)

Does Stanwich Club offer trial memberships?

Members can sponsor non-member children to go to the camp but there are no trial memberships. It is a long process to join…

Greenwich Country Club

What do you like best about Greenwich Country Club?

“It is a true family club- they have good programs for the kids during the school year such as tennis and squash. Their summer camps are excellent for kids ages 5-12. Then after 12, there are summer programs catered to older kids. Their golf & swim in the summer is great too. They have a very good swim team. In addition, they try to make the club fun by having events for kids year round.”

“There is a diverse group of members- the age demographic is such that they try to bring in young people too so the club has a “younger” feel.”

Greenwich Country Club- Insider's Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, CT
Photo Credit: Greenwich Country Club

“The membership process was very streamlined and pleasant— it took around 6-8 months with sponsors and letters but the people we met along the way were so helpful and nice. It felt like the right place to join even while we were applying.” 

“The grounds and facilities are excellent. The grounds are pristine. There is something to do year-round whether it’s squash, paddle, or tennis in the winter. Golf, swimming, and racquet sports in the summer. They also have a gym- though its small, it works for people who just want to use a treadmill and weights.”

What’s available to members at Greenwich Country Club?

  • 18-hole Golf course
  • Tennis Courts (clay courts in the winter bubble)
  • Paddle Tennis Courts
  • Squash Courts
  • Pool
  • Dining (2 restaurants)
  • Bowling Alley
  • Trap Shooting
  • Gym
  • Youth summer camps/programs for children ages 5-13 years old

Does Greenwich Country Club offer trial memberships?

They currently do not offer trial memberships.

Innis Arden Golf Club

What do you like best about Innis Arden Golf Club?

“Innis Arden Golf Club is the perfect mix of a family-friendly club yet professional for business entertaining. It has an incredible chef so the food rivals some of the best restaurants in town. It’s the neighborhood feel that makes it the perfect place to spend precious downtime with family and friends.”

What’s available to members at Innis Arden Golf Club?

  • 18-hole Golf course with driving range
  • 7 Har-tru Tennis Courts (4 courts covered for winter play)
  • 4 Paddle tennis courts
  • Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Bowling Alley
  • Restaurants

Does Innis Arden Golf Club offer trial memberships?

Yes, summer membership is available for families interested in joining the club.

Note: This is not a complete list of all the country clubs in Greenwich. We will add to this list as we talk to more members.

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