westport sidewalk sale

Guide to Westport Sidewalk Sale 2022

Don’t miss the much anticipated Westport Sidewalk Sale! The Westport Sidewalk Sale is an annual sidewalk sale in downtown Westport, CT. Expect to score great deals at factory-outlet like prices during the annual Westport sidewalk sale! It’s a popular shopping event attracting shoppers from surrounding Fairfield County towns. In fact, many shoppers shop at the Westport Sidewalk Sale to stock up and to start their Holiday shopping! Below is a complete guide to the 2022 Westport Sidewalk Sale.

westport sidewalk sale

When is the 2022 Westport Sidewalk Sale?

The Westport Sidewalk Sale will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2022 from 10am to 5pm.

Where is the 2021 Westport Sidewalk Sale?

The Westport Sidewalk Sale will predominantly take place on Westport’s downtown Main Street, Post Road and surrounding downtown area stores.

Where is the Westport Sidewalk Sale parking?

Finding parking at the Westport Sidewalk Sale will be challenging. You can try parking at the Parker Harding Lot off Main Street. Otherwise, another parking lot for the Westport Sidewalk Sale is the Baldwin lot off Elm Street. Below is a map of the public parking lots in downtown Westport.

westport sidewalk sale parking

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